Lord James Harrington

by #1 Amazon Best Seller Lynn Florkiewicz


There are a number of reviews on Amazon that you can examine; but, I wanted to share some of the lovely emails I've personally received about these books.

From Dolores Gordon-Smith, author of the Jack Haldean mysteries: With richly portrayed village atmosphere and characters you’ll love getting to know, Lord James Harrington solves intriguing mysteries in the vividly realised 1950’s England.
A traditional British cozy mystery that requires a cup of tea or a glass of sherry, a warm blanket and friend or two to discuss it with. (SweetMysteryBooks.com)
Interesting cozies with full bodied characters both likable and those you would avoid like the plague. Get involved in the lives of the residents of the Village of Cavendish in West Sussex. You will be glad you did. (CozyMysteryBookReview.com)
I am 82 years young and an avid reader of 'Cosy Crime'. I've just finished your first Lord James book on Kindle and am looking forward to reading the second. I have never found myself so involved in one before. It has all the elements in it that I love, even small references to things that I know about. They would be ideal for a TV series. I think that you have found an excellent format and hope that you'll write many more with all the same characters.
I wanted to drop you a line to say how very much I have enjoyed reading your Lord Harrington books. I came across them quite by chance and what a find they are. This is a plea from a fan - please do write some more, they are super!
I have just discovered your Lord James Harrington series, I am reading the second one, having read the first one last week, I am dreading finishing it because I am enjoying it so much, they are exactly the sort of book that I most enjoy reading, I am so pleased that you are writing more and look forward to reading them, thank you for making my Easter weekend so enjoyable
I have read the first three Lord James Harrington books and am ready for the fourth!!
I have read all of the Lord James Harrington books you have written and I am so unbelievably impressed. I am very sorry to not be able to find another one to read right away, and so I am emailing you in the hope that there is another one in the not too distant pipeline to look forward to? I already miss the characters and can't wait to immerse myself in village life again!
I have just started to read the first book after my sister sent it to me. I really love the way you tell a story. I even have the second book ready for when I finish this one. Please don't stop ! My sister has already emailed you with her praises. That is how I know that a third book is in the works. I can't tell you how excited we both are. Thank you!
Thank you so much for the Lord James Harrington stories. I love mysteries and especially if I can learn about something. You write beautifully and I have been having a fun time with “new” English words. Please continue to entertain everyone. You have a wonderful talent.
Have just finished the third Lord Harrington book, and I have to say it left me wanting more! I already miss everybody. I am hoping that you might write more for the series. The books are wonderfully written, I find myself getting lost into the book and everything around me just disappears. That doesn’t happen with every book I read. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much for that. I love the books also because of the time period for one and you describe it spot on, the charters are so wonderful and what they wear, what they eat, the hotel and homes are wonderful , and the automobiles. And the mysteries you come up with are so good always interesting.
I do apologize for rambling on, I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful talent, and do hope to see more of Lord Harrington, Lady Harrington , Stephen and Anne, Bert and George and everyone else!!!!
Just discovered your Lord James books (I have the first two and just discovered on your website that there is a third, so I'll be downloading that!!).
Am enjoying the first Lord James book so far. You are right - a wonderful read for a Sunday afternoon!!!
I was going to ask when the next one would be available, and was delighted to find that the third one is already out. I will look forward to the fourth as soon as you get it. Glad to have a place to leave my email address to be advised of the next one's debut!!!
I wanted to email you to say how very much I have been enjoying your Lord James Harrington mysteries on Kindle. This series is new to me and it is wonderful! It's been a long time since an author has captured my interest. I love your characters and the period in which the stories take place. The plot is intriguing and the character development and setting of place are excellent. I have purchased all of the Lord James Harrington books on Kindle already. I have read the Winter and Spring books already. I began the Summer book last night and it promises to be just as satisfying as the two previous books. Your stories are so refreshing and a wonderful escape. Please keep writing books for this series! I just wanted to say thank you for bringing so much joy and pleasure into my life. You have a great talent and it's lovely that you are sharing it with all of us. 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first Lord Harrington book. The characters had a great deal of personality, and the details of village life as well as other descriptions were well-drawn. The plot had enough subtle hints and twists to keep me entertained and guessing. I am looking forward to enjoying another cosy with hot chocolate and Lord Harrington.
Having read Spring I immediately went back to Amazon and retrieved, Summer, Fall and Winter. You are doing a great job and your tales are believable and very clever. I have read the entire series of Lord Peter Wimsey so you know I love these delightful stories. I have recently been ill for a couple of months and all these lovely English tales have kept me from losing my mind. Welcome with your stories, and you have a faithful following of one more with me. Please carry on? And when will the next book be available? Congratulations,
Brilliant, can't wait for the next lord Harrington book. So pleased you didn't stop after the seasonal books. What's after the Easter mystery? .
Got my ebook of the Easter Mystery - stayed up way too late reading it 
I did get the notification and the book is now to be my holiday reading in a couple of weeks. We have rented a lovely cottage in Pembrokeshire where my evenings will be spent with a Glenfiddich (or two) in the company of Lord James of course.
Many Thanks for letting me know that Book 7 in the Lord James Harrington book series is now available. I am looking forward to reading it. I always really enjoy reading the Lord James Harrington books - as well as the mystery, the characters are all very well described - you feel like you know them - and also you get a very good sense of the time and location the books are set in. As somebody who was Sussex born and bred, albeit the other side of the county, I always enjoy reading stories set in Sussex, and with a mystery to solve as well, what could be better. Glad to hear you're working on book 8 - make sure you keep at it, no slacking, ha, ha.
My Dear Ms. Florkiewicz, I have only recently discovered your charming Lord Harrington mysteries and I wanted to tell you I am enjoying them immensely. I look forward to reading every book in this series now plus any future additions. Thank you for everything....the true to life characters, the descriptive settings, and the great mysteries that keep me guessing. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Mystery and the best compliment I can give it is that I was sad when I had finished it because I could have carried on reading it for a lot longer. It was absolutely brilliant.
Thank you