Lord James Harrington

by #1 Amazon Best Seller Lynn Florkiewicz

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Lord James Harrington and the Winter Mystery

Lord James Harrington and the Winter Mystery Meet Lord James Harrington and his delightful wife, Beth; residents of the tiny village of Cavendish, deep in the heart of West Sussex in England.  They adore hosting seasonal events, running their country hotel, keeping the local folklore alive and listening to the latest murder mystery on the wireless.  But mysteries don't always remain on the airwaves...

It's 1957 and James and Beth are discussing the latest Cavendish Players production, The Devil Incarnate, when their cleaner voices her concern over missing farm, Alec Grimes.  When James finds Grimes dead, he is certain of foul play.  But the doctor confirms natural causes and even good friend Detective Chief Inspector George Lane dismisses his suspicions.  So James decides to put his own sleuthing skills to the test.

Delving into Grimes' affairs, it soon becomes clear that not all is what it seems.  What are the strange symbols discovered on the floorboards at Grimes' farm?  Who attacked the new vicar on Halloween? Why was Grimes disliked by so many villagers?  What are the mysterious pieces of china on the floor?  Whose body is found on Guy Fawkes Night?

With so many suspects, all with motive and opportunity - will James be able to solve the mystery?  Or will his meddling put him and his wife in mortal danger?

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