Lord James Harrington

by #1 Amazon Best Seller Lynn Florkiewicz

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Lord James Harrington and the Easter Mystery (Book 7)

Lord James Harrington and the Easter Mystery (Book 7) Writers Digest says: LORD JAMES HARRINGTON AND THE EASTER MYSTERY is well-written in a lively authorial voice, with intriguing characters, and lots of plot twists and turns. Readers are sure to enjoy this engrossing mystery!

Meet Lord James Harrington and his delightful wife, Beth;residents of the tiny village of Cavendish, deep in the heart of West Sussex inEngland. They adore hosting seasonal events, running their country hotel,keeping the local folklore alive and listening to the latest murder mystery onthe wireless. But mysteries don’t always remain on the airwaves...
It’s Easter and the Cavendish residents are discussing thetraditional festivities along with the proposed Easter egg hunt on theHarrington estate. But when the vicar’s dog digs up a bone, things take a turnfor the worse. Retracing the dog’s walk, James uncovers a skeleton buried inthe woods. Studying the remains, he identifies a number of expensive items. Withthe likelihood that the victim could be someone well-to-do, James is concernedthat he may know the victim and puts his sleuthing hat on.
With investigations underway and a long list of suspectswith motive and opportunity, James is confident that it won’t take long tosolve the mysterious death. But a chance conversation turns the whole enquiryon its head. With his good friend, DCI Lane, involved in a current murderenquiry, James takes it upon himself to delve deeper. His questions take him fromthe quiet village of Cavendish to the beautiful city of Boston where moresurprises await. James calls upon many of his contacts to help him track downthe murderer. Will he bring the killer to justice or is he on a wild goosechase?  
Join James, Beth and the Cavendish regulars as they enjoythe Easter events and embark on another adventure.
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